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Learn about Interior Wood Sealant

Interior Wood Sealant

Wood sealers protect wooden surfaces from moisture and other substances. They do this by penetrating deep into the wood’s pores with either transparent, translucent, or pigmented sealant. While both interior and exterior sealers protect the wood from water and chemicals, exterior wood sealants often provide an added UV protection layer to reduce the sun’s fading.

Look for an interior wood sealant that dries quickly and is easy to apply. Added benefits of wood sealants include non-flammable, neutral odor, and low-to-no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) sealers.

This sealant extends your indoor wooden surfaces’ life, reducing waste and resources necessary to replace damaged pieces. Finding an interior wood sealant low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) reduces toxic carcinogens off-gassed during

Interior wood sealants protect the porous wood from becoming saturated and damaged by creating a protective layer within the pores.