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Learn about Low-Emissivity Window Coating

Low-Emissivity Window Coating

Low emissivity (low-e) window coating is a metallic oxide window coating that minimizes natural ultraviolet and infrared light which passes through windows. Specifically, the coating reflects long-wave (thermal) radiation but can allow short-wave (solar) radiation. A low emissivity coating can be applied to one or more surfaces in multi-pane windows.

Low emissivity coatings are typically applied during manufacturing. Look for Energy Star certified windows that specify low-e coating in the product description. Low emissivity coatings have been designed for high solar gain (better for cold climates), moderate solar gain, or low solar gain (better for hot climates).

Low emissivity coatings reduce heat loss through a window, which can reduce the heating load in a house.

Long-wave radiation is also called infrared radiation, and it is invisible to the human eye. Short-wave radiation from the sun is also called visible light and is visible, and its most important property is color!