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Learn about Reclaimed Hardwood

Reclaimed Hardwood

Hardwood flooring reclaimed from older buildings or made from salvaged wood. Typically available through demolition and salvage companies, reclaimed hardwood can be over a century old and as good or better than new hardwood.

Look for demolition and salvage supply stores or online buy-and-sell listings. Be aware that using reclaimed wood can take extra work, from cleaning off the old dirt to removing nails. Typically the wood quality is higher from centuries-old trees.

By re-using material, reclaimed hardwood saves on new wood. It can also bring period character to a renovation, as when installing century-old hardwood flooring in a renovated century-old home.

Parquetry, from the Old French parchet, meaning small enclosed space, is patterned flooring consisting of inlaid wood in geometric shapes like squares, diamonds, and angles. One of the most well-watched pieces of parquet floor in history is the floor that the Boston Celtics play on, in the National Basketball Association of the USA. From its first installation in 1946 in Boston Arena, they brought their floor with them through two moves, to Boston Garden in 1952 and FleetCenter in 1995. Pieces were sold in 1999 as souvenirs after a demolition, and some pieces are still in the floor they play on now, at TD Garden.