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Learn about Reclaimed Wood Siding

Reclaimed Wood Siding

Lumber that comes from old structures, buildings, or even underwater; reclaimed barn wood siding is a common example. Weathered siding can give your building a rustic look that can be quite attractive!

There is no standard for barn wood siding, so you or a contractor will need to inspect the wood thoroughly when you buy it. Make sure the wood is in decent condition, without too much damage or signs of rot or mold. If you need to store it for a while before installing it, then make sure to stack it in such as way that air can flow in between the boards, either outdoors or indoors in a well ventilated space. Some companies will even de-nail and kiln dry reclaimed wood before selling it to contractors!

Repurposing reclaimed wood for siding can save on new materials and be sourced locally.

Wood is often discarded when it could be reused or burned. In 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency estimated wood made up 6.2% of municipal solid waste!