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Learn about Shipping Container Pool

Shipping Container Pool

Shipping container pools are pools crafted from existing or newly manufactured shipping containers. In most cases, shipping container pools have fewer parts and are usually easier to install than standard pools. The use of existing shipping containers is a clever and eco-friendly form of upcycling.

Shipping container pools still require electrical as you'll need to power components such as the pump. Like any pool, landscaping preparation is still required. Suppose your design includes plans to backfill against your shipping container pool. In that case, it's often advised to install a vapor barrier between the pool and the backfill.

What you should consider

Most manufacturers offer consultation to ensure that the pool is built to specifications and correctly installed. Manufacturers often provide upgrade options to include more powerful or fancy jets, colorful LED lighting, and windows. These features can either be sold in packages are single additions.

A shipping container pool is a clever and effective way of upcycling if you use an existing shipping container.

The origin of the shipping container pool is a widely debated topic with no clear answer. Upcycling a metal container into a pool grew in popularity via Macro-Sea President and real estate developer David Belt, in 2019. David hosted a private, invite-only event in Brooklyn featuring a pool fashioned from three dumpsters, a boccie court, lounge chairs, BBQ grills and cabanas. The event was an urban renewal experiment using underused space and repurposing materials.