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Learn about Solid Wood Door

Solid Wood Door

Solid wood doors are built with interlocking pieces of solid wood consisting of rails, stiles, panels and sometimes glass inserts. Solid wood doors provide superior sound reduction, energy efficiency, and fire rating to hollow-core doors and solid-core doors made with engineered wood.

Reduce your carbon footprint by looking for reclaimed wood, locally-sourced wood, or FSC Certified Wood doors. Be mindful of your indoor air quality and look out for adhesives, paint, and finishes that have low-VOCs or no-VOCs.</p><p>The fire rating for solid wood doors varies between model according to its thickness and the grain of the wood. Some solid wood doors are fire-rated while others are not, so be sure to check with the manufacturer.

Solid doors offer better sound reduction than hollow doors. Look for a thicker solid wood door with a tight seal around the edges.

Wood can be locally sourced, so solid wood doors are often more sustainable than doors made with pressed-wood products like MDF (medium-density fibreboard). MDF has a higher embodied energy impact due to the high heat required during manufacturing. Pressed-wood products require adhesives that can contain VOCs like formaldehyde that can cause skin, eye, nose, and throat irritation when released into the air as a gas.

Solid wood doors provide better insulation between rooms in your home. This means superior sound reduction, energy efficiency, and fire rating.

Solid wood doors are sought after for their beauty and are often manufactured with glass, decorative trim, and even as Dutch doors (half doors).