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Learn about Zinc Siding

Zinc Siding

Zinc siding is an exterior cladding product made of titanium-zinc alloy, which provides a distinctive metallic gray surface. Growing beyond a specialty metal, architectural zinc has become a preferred metal of many architectural designers, contractors, and building owners. Zinc is durable and well suited for exterior applications. It creates a protective layer of zinc hydroxyl carbonate as it is exposed to the outdoors, which protects it from corrosion or degradation. It has similar performance to copper siding but costs less.

Zinc siding is valued primarily for its natural gray aesthetic; zinc provides a long service life that varies by application type and rainwater erosion. Other benefits of zinc include ease of fabrication, clear storm-water runoff, maintenance-free, economical first cost, high salvage value, and time-tested performance.

A long-lasting cladding that does not require painting or maintenance, and that's recyclable after decades of use on a building.