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Learn about Air Purifier Filter

Air Purifier Filter

Air filters capture particulate that may be too small to see and can potentially breathe in, impacting our respiratory system. These particulates can be biological, inert, or chemical

As the filters trap particulate over time, it's essential to replace the filters during manufacturer prescribed intervals to ensure your filtration system captures as much particulate as possible while preserving the air filtration device itself, as dirty filters require it to work harder.

It's essential to purchase replacement filters made specifically for your air filtration device. Standard documentation that arrives with your device will list manufacturer-approved replacement parts, including a list of compatible air filters. You should always keep a spare filter on hand if you need immediate replacement and avoid potential stock shortages.

Air filters help maintain healthy indoor air quality by removing biological, inert, or chemical particulate from the air.

HEPA filters were invented in the early 1940s for uset by the Manhattan Project to contain the spread of airborne radioactive contaminants.