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Learn about Ductless Energy Recovery Ventilator

Ductless Energy Recovery Ventilator

An Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) is used to bring fresh air into a building while maintaining the already present temperature. ERVs moderate humidity within the home as they remove the stale air. Ductless ERV’s provide these benefits, saving energy and doing so without needing to run a duct to every room in the house. These products are often singular units mounted on the wall in your room.

You’re going to want to find an ERV with high energy efficiency to capture and process the air exchange. Be sure that your selected ERV is rated for continuous operation and optimized to your room’s size.

An ERV allows you to bring fresh outdoor air into your home without jeopardizing the already comfortable indoor conditions.

By recovering a high percentage of the heat energy already present in the air, you save the power necessary to stabilize your indoor temperatures.