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Learn about Fixed Window

Fixed Window

Fixed windows, also called picture windows, do not open. This type of window mechanism (or lack of) is generally regarded as the most efficient because it doesn't incorporate the need for additional air sealing required with mechanical windows. That said, you'll want to keep that in mind for safety purposes as these windows cannot be open in case of emergency.

Fixed windows are also perhaps the most versatile of all windows as far as the location and size of where the window can be placed.

Fixed window blinds options are also plentiful since they don't usually have a narrow mounting depth, no window mechanisms or locks in the way.

Fixed windows provide great views and daylighting, with the highest energy efficiency and best airtightness of any window type. That said, paying close attention to the cladding, glazing, and coatings of the window are still the most important as far as the window's efficiency. Limiting or eliminating all mullions also helps in achieving a more efficient window.

A fixed window has no opening parts that can leak air, so is the most energy efficient kind of window installation. Fixed windows are also less expensive than operating windows, especially for large window areas.

Back in the 1600s, windows made of glass were considered a luxury and were only reserved for the most important rooms. Aristocrats who were away for months at a time even had their windows taken down and stored in their absence.