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Learn about Pole Mounted Outdoor Lighting

Pole Mounted Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor light fixtures to be mounted on poles, in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes for providing light to yards, driveways, decks, and other areas. LED products are preferred because of their efficacy and because the light can be directed to where it is needed.

Dark night sky is an important and endangered natural resource, for stargazers, wildlife, and healthy sleep patterns in humans. Outdoor lighting should strive to follow the guidelines provided by the IDA (International Dark Sky Association). Ensure that the light is only on when it needs to be - the use of timers will help with this - and that the light is only as bright as necessary. Look for fully shielded lighting that points only downward, not lighting the sky. And try to find lights that are warmer colours, towards the yellow side of the spectrum, because there is evidence that these colours are less disturbing to the circadian rhythms of wildlife and humans than light at the blue end of the spectrum. Lights that are less than 3,000 K on the colour temperature scale are night-friendly, being warmer colours than moonlight. Look for the IDA Fixture Seal of Approval for dark sky compliant lighting products.

LED outdoor lighting can provide light to needed areas, with very little energy consumption. Some outdoor lighting can even be solar powered, with an integrated solar panel and small battery to operate at night. Outdoor lighting can disturb wildlife and disrupt human sleep patterns, so is best kept to a minimum for sustainability.

The Town of Bon Accord, Alberta became the first recognized Dark Sky community in Canada in 2016, and the 11th town in the world to reach this goal. The town has installed Dark Sky compliant LED street lights and outdoor lights, and encouraged all its residents to do the same. Due to its efforts, Bon Accord's night sky is dark enough for stargazing celebrations in its central park.