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Learn about Prefabricated Panelized Home

Prefabricated Panelized Home

Prefabricated panelized homes are prefabricated homes manufactured off-site in sections and shipped to the building site for assembly.

A well-built prefab home should last as long, or longer, as its stick-built counterpart. Most claims that prefabs aren’t durable are comparing wood-framed prefabs to concrete or brick homes; this is not a fair comparison. As any manufacturer or builder, there is a spectrum in quality. When seeking a prefab manufacturer, look for experience and ask for references.

Prefab is already considered a “green” building method due to low waste and faster build time. Prefabs built to the Passive House, Net Zero or similar higher standards are of very high quality in terms of durability and energy efficiency, thus reducing your energy footprint.

In a study on the damage done by Hurricane Andrew in 2012, FEMA reported that modular homes fared better than traditional construction.