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Learn about Rainwater Scupper

Rainwater Scupper

A scupper is an opening in a wall to allow water to escape. When used architecturally on a home, a scupper can be built into the parapet wall of a flat roof to allow rainwater to fall from the roof, creating a beautiful waterfall effect. The falling water can be captured in a tank or cistern for outdoor uses like gardening or washing equipment.

Ensure that the water path and collection system will slow the flow of water, and retain some of it for outdoor uses. In cold climates, consider how it will operate in winter, to avoid freezing or breaking any tanks or equipment.

An aesthetically pleasing way to manage rainwater, protecting your building and decreasing runoff and erosion.

Scuppers are standard equipment on ships, where they are opening in the railing to allow the seawater from high waves to flow off the deck. This resulted in the pirate language phrase, "Scupper that!", a term expressing anger and meaning, "get rid of that" or "throw that overboard".