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Learn about Range Hood

Range Hood

A range hood is an exhaust fan that is placed above a stovetop to ventilate moisture, cooking odors, airborne grease, and combustion gases from a kitchen.

To earn an Energy Star rating, your range hood must abide by specific efficacy, sound, and airflow ratings. These are all crucial factors in selecting the best range hood for your home.

Some range hoods don't exhaust air to the outdoors, but instead, circulate air through a filter. While these aren't ideal for removing moisture and heat from a kitchen, they may be the right choice in other situations. For example, they may work for a retrofit where it would be challenging to install exhaust ductwork between the stove location and the outdoors.

Exhaust fans can cause a backdraft of lethal, combustion gases such as carbon monoxide from fuel-fired appliances such as natural gas or oil furnaces or water heaters and wood stoves. In these situations, it is essential to have a carbon monoxide detector installed in the house and to avoid using multiple exhaust fans simultaneously. This is of particular concern in airtight homes. If a problem is suspected, a blower-door technician can be consulted to conduct a depressurization limit test to determine the level of danger.

Range hoods with an Energy Star rating provide good energy efficiency by using high performance motors and improved blade design.